Is it true that you are considering getting a dog? Great news! The delight and pure affection which comes from welcoming a fun and fuzzy dog to the family will surely improve your life 🙂

Now though, your search begins to find the dog breed for you!

There are numerous variables and choices to consider in terms of picking a dog however the absolute most critical choice you will make will be selecting your pooch’s breed. It’s an enormous choice, one that will affect each part of the family including your new little friend!

In case you’re a forthcoming dog holder, that is both uplifting news and awful news. It’s great, obviously, on the grounds that whatever you may favor, be it a labrador or  a massive rottweiler, there is a breed out there for you.

We recommend you begin though by considering the following qualities listed below.

Shedding or Non-Shedding!?

Yes, there is a choice, some dogs shed a lot less than others and the clean up operation you may have on your hands is an important consideration.


Dogs are like humans and they all have different personalities, some are active and boystrous, some are easy-going and relaxed. You need a dog that will suit your personality.


Can you handle a big dog or are you after a small cute dog you can fit in your pocket!?

Is the Dog good with kids?

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